Life as I know it

So life as I know it;
Committed Christian
A husband
Two children
A job
A home
Family a distance away
Long term weight issue
Food battles with emotional binge eating.

So you know life ain’t perfect but is it ever? There is always one hiccup after another. But surely that’s how we know its real.

I’m currently sitting at 22st 1/2lb as of yesterday. I’ve lost 4lb in two weeks. Was initially 6.5lb but lost sight of what lay before this last week and gorged on …. well rubbish food.

So I’m under the bariatric surgeons with a view to having bariatric surgery. I’m not happy at this weight. I was to live longer, spend longer with my loved ones and conquer a mountain my hubby loves.

So big challenges and lets see how it goes. Praying to God to help with this one. It’s too big to battle on my own. After 20+ years of struggling, I’d like to be set free.


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