Oh Man!!!

My three year can say this with some welly “oh man”!!
Thinking about my connection I hold with food, sometimes I want to scream at myself “oh man”!!!!
Usually because I found myself in a fast food drive through grabbing a snack – tends to be a meal – then eating it. Then feeling upset and disgusted with myself.
Don’t get me wrong this will be in addition to meals I already had. I’ll be sat in the que, ordering it, eating it and ALL time thinking “oh man what are you doing”????
I’m the only one who can take control of this situation. Over fuel consumption leading to excess gain.
So if you are in the same boat and you want to change, can I suggest we stop and take a time out. Consider do I need this, do I want this and will this work in my plan. If the answer is yes, go for it whole heartedly BUT if the answer is no or in my case oh man. Stop, get yourself out of the situation and go and do something else.
No longer am I willing to be ruled by my emotions and counteract that with binge eating.
So today I’ve done okay, been really hungry but I’ve filled up on the right stuff. When I’ve wanted a slice of apple pie, I’ve considered it, counted it in and enjoyed every mouthful.


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