Falling out with food

Will power engaged – check
Prepared to work the night shift – check
Food to take to work – just a salad will pick up some on the way.
Catch yourself lady! Pick it up on the way – first hurdle and downfall. Got super nice stuff for overnight hunger pangs. Cold chicken tikka slices, fat free vanilla yogurt, raspberries, grapes. What else goes in the basket; 100g bar of cadburys, a instant pot of porridge, healthy crisp snack, large pack of crisps.
So en route to a friends birthday BBQ, plenty of time. What do I manage to do???? Oh yes eat the entire bar of chocolate in under 3 miles of drive at 40mph.
Fairly good at BBQ only there an hour, coffee and chicken kebab.
Right hurry hurry. Work time. Ate the nice healthy food for lunch/tea or what ever you call it when you have a meal at 2am.
Right, in office, oh no, stumbled across the sweets for ae for £1. Urm ah, walk out, walk in. Not feeling in control – what do I end up doing?????? Ripping open a 100g bag of bons bons. Sugar hit last 5 minute, guilt and shame lasts rest of work time!
Another oh man situation.
Ok so I got caught out, I failed. But hey you know what my father in heaven still loves me unconditional and accepts me for what and whom I am.
Right sleep now and have some time to make good fruitful decisions for the rest of the day


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