So I weighed in at 21st 7 3/4lb today. I’m feeling positive.
Keeping focused. 6 days to go.
Well I’ve got 3 nights shifts in the middle of that. Really keen to remain focused filling up on veggies, fruit and yogurt.
My walk yesterday was lovely. My friend and I went for a river walk for about an hour and a half. It was warm. Drank lots of water. But sadly no carrot sticks.
Just spending time with people helps. Doesn’t it. It takes the focus of yourself and your stuff and helps you appreciate others situations more.
We all have people in life who seem to get the raw end of life more than us. It makes us question why? Even as a Christian and with the knowledge of that grace and love I don’t deserve but which is lavished on me by my Heavenly Father. We still question why?
God didn’t make us robots, we have free will. The ability to make choices and live with the consequences. Don’t get me wrong, some things just happen others are a result of ours or others decision making.
Wow big themes this morning.
So from here to next Mondays appointment I will be attempting to keep focused and keep on track. But following another convo with a friend yesterday, I’m with her. I want to take the heat out of my relationship with food. I want to remove the shame and guilt which surrounds my food choices.
Here goes xxx


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