So this morning I’m driving home from the supermarket (snacking on cooked tikka chicken slices) and I flick the radio on. It’s set on premier fm – a Christian station. They are chatting about forgiveness and grace and it suddenly hits home. Okay this is going to be a biggy but I am going to have to forgive myself and be gracious towards myself.
For many many years, too many then I care to remember, I’ve resented myself and my relationship with food. I need to get God involved in this one. It’s too darn big for me.
I’ve actually got to learn to like and love myself even the bits I think are a bit well cack.
So en route home I’ve been praying, inviting God into my food issues, my thoughts and perceptions about myself. It’s an every day thing and will have to repeated over and over.
I weighed in today at 21st 7 3/4lb. No change. I’m wondering if its the rice I had last night.
You see I love carbs, can’t get enough of them so I’m having to cut down. I wonder if the rice retains more fluid.
Still been amazingly good. I can’t wait for weigh in at ‘diet’ club tomoz.
I’m on nights for the next three so I’m a little concerned I’m going to lose my focus. I’m going to have to take extra health snacks like carrots in xx


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