Don’t lose hope

So I’ve now finished my three nights. I’ve been good in healthy eats terms with a lapse on Thursday evening on a fast food meal. I was so hungry before my night shift and I made a wrong decision. Hey ho there you go. I haven’t since. In fact I’ve been super focused.
I can feel my relationship and dependence on food changing. I’m keeping on praying about it.
A lovely colleague I work with last night told me of a family member who was and had struggled with their weight for a lot of years. She told me of how this relative had got a close group of friends from his church to pray for him and for him to be accountable too. You know what God broke through and he’s now a slimmer healthy guy. He still struggles with his relationship with food.
So here I am, not long till Monday morning’s appt with my bariactric surgeon. Well it’s about 40 hours or so. I weighed in at 21st 7 3/4lb this afty after my sleep from nights.
I’m giving it to God. I can’t do much about it. I can watch what I eat and maintain a healthy diet. However I’m trying to be wholly reliant on God. So tough as we want to control things and think we can. Not so I believe. Of course we are accountable and responsibile for our actions but its God who knows and orchestras the bigger picture.
So onwards, pressing towards my desire and goal to become a healthier and happier person. Confident in the woman God created me to be xxx


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