Fear verses love? Love wins everytime

Today at church one of the leaders preached on this. I took notes as I felt as God was using him to directly speak to me and my relationship with food and of course my weight issue.
The church leader read the whole passage of 1 John 4 but concentrated on the verse below.

1 John 4 V18: there is no fear in love. But perfect loves drives out fear, because fear has to do with punishment. The one who fears is not made perfect in love
Like oil and water can not come together love and fear can not come together either.
What fears are you holding on to in your life? What troubles you in these days.
The more you fear the more you push away God.
There is a train of thought that fear is related to our desires of our hearts.
The desire of our heart: acceptance
The fears of our flesh: rejection / condemnation
The love of God: unconditional acceptance
The desire of our hearts: security
The fear of our flesh: losing control/ the future
The love of God: eternal security
The desire of our hearts: self worth
The fear of the flesh: criticism/ failure.
The love of God; immeasurable self – value

Seek God to fulfil our desires. Seek him and tell him your fears.

Perfect love will drive out all our fears. We don’t not need to fear any longer

God has not given us a spirit of fear but a sound mind.

Fear is an obstacle to receiving God’s love. But love is the perfect antidote to relieving the fear.

We need to say “God loves me and in that love I have everything I need’

The fears will drift away and we become more and more filled with Gods love

Grab hold; God loves me, God loves me, God loves me, God loves me!!!!

You have a loving sovereign father. Why are you afraid? Cling to God!!!

Christ died for us to set us free.

It’s so true, God loves us immeasurable, gives us unconditional acceptance and gives us eternal security.

Praying that God will help me grab hold of these words and I will know him more and more through my internal struggles and continued healing


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