Whoops, what a donut!

So last night the family and I attended an event hosted by a local event. A picnic. Great! More decisions about food. Smoked mackerel and salad followed by srawberries washed down by coffee and water.
Except I got home and after having a tough convo with my hubby, what do I do? Emotional crutch appears in the form of food. 2x packets of crisps and 2x mini rolls in under 15 minutes I would say.
The good thing was I didn’t feel after disgusted and upset with myself. I thought draw a line honey, draw a line.
With the line drawn, I now am 30 hours off this appt with the bariatric appt. My line demonstrates how easy it is to use food as a comfort or a buffer.
Please don’t get my wrong I do take responsibility of my actions but I am not getting bogged down in them.
Weighing in 21st 7lb this morning


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