A new focus

Weighing in at 21st 6 1/2lb this morning.
So I’ve been to see the bariatric surgeon. I’d not made it to the target of 21st but it was a good appointment. The Doctor has asked to see me in 12 weeks and for me to get to 21st.
Well that’s do-able as long as I stay focused.
Eating had not been focused post the appointment. Had nandos for lunch, chicken in a pitta, warm spicy beans and half a portion of chips. En route home which is a two hour drive, my husband and I had a sausage roll and a small cake.
So I’ve not been very controlled or focused but hey ho.
Drawing a line, starting a fresh.
I’m just pleased with the progress.
Once I’ve got to target then it’s a case of investigations then surgery.
So I’m going to continue to work on my eating but really focus on the emotional side, the psychological side.


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