Struggling to ramble

Man I am sooooo tired. It’s like the end of term tiredness my children have, I to have. At work today I’ve felt like my head was a packet of cornflakes and that if I tipped my head to the side everything would fall out. I know it sounds odd but that’s the only way I can describe it.
So I’ve relaxed my attitude to food a bit. I’ve not been unhealthy but if I’ve wanted a bit if salad dressing I’ve had it.
Tonight at my “diet” club weighed in at 21st 9lb. 1lb heavier than last week. But last week I was on nights so it was like an early morning weigh in. So really I’m happy with my weigh in tonight.
I’m slowly and surely making my way to 21st. It’s the steady road I want to take. Even if I amble along at a 1lb a time.
It’s the goal that matters. The future. The future which I will spend with my gorgeous family. I future where I can run to an emergency at work without panting so much when I get there I’m no use. A future where my daughter could borrow my clothes. A future where when my son wants to practice football, I can. A future where I can climb mountains with my husband and enjoy spectacular views. A future where I’m healthy inside and out


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