Running the race

So weighed in at 21st 7 1/2lb this morning.
I need to get my mojo back. I’ve been less focused in the past week/ days. I want to get my eyes set on the goal before me.
Yesterday friends and family gathered at our local traditional sports day and to make things better it was sunny. Hooray.
The children ran their races with all their gusto. Our son who’s 3, came 2nd in the egg and spoon, and 3rd in the running. He was pleased as punch. We sat and hung out on the field. I was fairly disciplined. I took a sprite zero but had a wee bag of sweets. Then some friends came for tea. I got us plain boiled rice with tandoori chicken and half a naan bread. Some low points/syns.
Today I’ve woken feeling full of cold and confused in my direction of my day. I want to be striving towards my goal of 21st not weaving of and getting lost on the way.
Press on and run the race focus on the goal


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