Judgement on bariatric surgery

Weighing in at 21st 6 1/2lb today.
Still feel like I lost half of my mojo. Been fairly controlled today but can’t help feel there’s a big blow out waiting around the corner. So just trying to take each day as it comes.
As the title suggests today I’ve been getting a lot of judgemental feedback from openly talking about the future bariatric surgery I hope to have. I say hope because I have 6-7lbs still to lose to qualify for it and I need another appt at my treatment centre.
I think the judgemental responses I have had are based on lack of understanding. Some people suggest I’ve not tried every way to lose weight and that I must try hypnotise for instance. Some people can’t understand that after being successful with weight loss for 4 weeks why I would ever let things slip again.
These are people who don’t have 11 stone to lose. These are people who don’t lose motivation in a snap shot in regards to their weight it would appear.
And these are people who love me and think bariatric surgery is a step too far.
I understand all if their comments but don’t judge me. For 23/24 years now I have always been chunky, unable to control binge and secret eating which has lead to huge weigh gain.
I’m really starting to understand the secret and binge eating but it doesn’t mean I don’t occasionally do it.
Life is a series of events and ups and downs. Unfortunately from a young ripe age of 12 years old I started to form a behaviour of coping with emotions by binge eating. Behaviour has become habit, habit become repetitive behaviour and so on. In grained in my inner being. A thing I’m desperate to learn and teach myself not to do.
But I need some help along the way and that is a gastric bypass.
So don’t judge me. Remove the plank from your own eye before pointing out the speck in my eye needs removed.


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