The joys of a challenge

On nights again at the mo. Not been able to sleep much today, too close and the person watching my son has let him make lots of noise. However I’ve tried to combat this by the presence of ear plugs but its even infiltrated them.
So last night I managed to eat not one but two bags of 100g sweets. I’m not saying this with pride and I’m definitely not saying this with shame. It just occurred. It was a past behaviour creeping in, of not even being terribly aware it had happened but it had been done. It would seem sometimes I’m putting stuff in my mouth and not really registering what or how much is going in there.
This is a well known pattern for binge eaters it would seem.
I’m trying to regain my focus back to being healthy and eating good nutritious food that will benefit my body and reduce its fat content.
As I’ve discussed it previous posts, I’m keen to take the heat, the shame and the guilt out if my relationship with food and establish a balanced relationship. One where I’m not dependant on it for emotional support for what a nano second.
It’s a journey, a big olde journey with twists and turns along the way. As I said before taking each day as it comes but pressing on towards the goal of a healthy me.
Learning to like and love myself is still an incredibly big ask but I’m working through it. Praying about it. Asking God to reveal his love for me and for me to embrace this. As a Christian I simply can’t do it on my own, it’s a journey with God at my side, strengthening our relationship through out.
But you know what it’s a struggle for me but there are many many people around who have various struggles. From the mum who’s husband has died from cancer and her and her two young children do life, to the man who’s business is collapsing around his ears and he’s unable to support his family.
Struggles, strains, stresses of life but I feel I need to deal with mine head on. It’s not always possible to do that but I’m trying …….


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