Twists and turns – hang on for the ride!

So just reflecting back on my blogs, it was 8th July when I last wrote a positive one about my relationship with food and weight loss.
So as I said in my previous blog; been on camping holiday four days and three nights away. Eating wise fairly uncontrolled and eating lots of foods I wouldn’t normally ice creams, crisps, chocolate, malt loaf, huge bowls of porridge. The list could continue.
So today the family and I have arrived to stay with my family for a week. What a long hot journey – 28 – 30 degrees most of the way. Again non controlled with food, bacon butty for breakfast and there we start.
So my mum attends the local slimming club that I do, so face the scales, it will be a gain, a big gain. I’m okay with this, I’m prepared.
5 1/2lb gain. Man I’ve packed some calories away.
It ends here. I’m back on, focused goal in sight.
I’ve filled out my food diary already, I’ve got in mind what I’ll be having at a BBQ tomorrow evening. I’m on it.
But I’m being kind to myself also, I want to cool the heat in my relationship with food.
It’s hot hot hot at the moment here, so plenty of fluids. Here goes!! I’ll check in tomorrow for accountability. Lets do this thing x


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