New day

Morning, weighing in at 21st 11 1/4lb.
Initially I felt quite gutted about it as heavier than yesterday and the day before. However I’ve kept on track yesterday, the day before I had 40 syns. Far too many.
As I weigh over 20st I’m allowed up to 25 syns per day, which may seem loads but they can be gone in a flash.
Yesterday the whole family had a beautiful Sunday roast by our Mum. All slimming world friendly. For pudding I even had strawberries with fat free Greek yogurt. I was pleased and it was yummy yummy yummy.
Tomorrow we are heading to a country show and I am seriously looking forward to candy floss. 3 1/2 syns for candy floss on a stick. It’s a treat I’ve been thinking about since we said we’d go to this show.
So today I want to be in control and mindful of my food/drink decisions.
I’m meeting a friend for coffee – a flat white with skimmed milk. Then I’ve got to nip to town. If I’m in town still at lunch I’ll get a jacket potato and beans or a salad with no dressing. Diet drinks or water.
So here goes.
I am aware that when I write I am too focused on food but that’s a huge issue for me. I just have a major downfall and struggle.
So I’m here trying to sort it.
My next bariatric appt should be in 9 weeks and I’d dearly love to be under 21st for that.
I have completely decided I will be having a mini bypass. I’m hoping my surgeons agree it’s the right procedure for me. I prefer the idea of it being able to be reversed if need be.


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