If its broken …. Fix it!

So I weighed myself yesterday morning on my own scales as we have returned from holiday now. 21st 10 3/4lb.
So head down, forward on, going towards the goal.
So whilst I was away and have been away, I’ve been out if my normal environment which I have set up for the protection of my back. Having had spinal decompression surgery last year at 35yrs old gave me a huge wake up call. So out of my normal environment and in to one I can not control, my back has suffered. I’m in constant pain at the moment and need to take regular pain relief to help b
Anyway this got me thinking. If something is broken we fix it or we get someone with the desired skills and knowledge to fix it.
Which lead to thinking about my weight. My weight is damaging my body. It’s hurting my back, my heart and my other vital organs. It’s increasing the risk of diabetes, joint damage, high blood pressure and heart disease to name a few.
I’m trying my best to lose weight and to resolve it myself.
But you know what if someone was suffering from hip pain and needed a hip replacement, we wouldn’t discourage them. We would encourage them to get it sorted and to speak to an orthopaedic consultant. So why is it that people who need bariatric surgery are discouraged and made to feel it shouldn’t be a consideration by some people.
There is little knowledge of bariatric surgery by most including me to a degree. I can only say as I find which is as an individual walking down the road towards bariatric surgery I am amazing by people’s little knowledge and empathy towards it.
It’s often a ‘who’s eaten all the pies’ reaction.
Some people do not like overweight, fat and obese people. Some people continually judge and criticise those who so evidentially struggle with their weight.
Why do we as a nation to this?
You know what it is narrow minded, insensitive and down right rude behaviour.
I can honestly say I do not treat people with disgust and distain who struggle with things which are exposed like a critical nature, smoking or gambling for example.
Why then do individuals feel they can point the finger.
Often when you point the finger there’s an even bigger finger pointing right back at you.
I believe we should not be judgemental. We should respect individuals and their struggles. Of course we are not going to embrace everyone nor are we always going to enjoy conversing with those we struggle with.
But you know what do yourself and your neighbour a favour keep you views and horrid looks to yourself.
Rant over


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