After thoughts

Yesterday I ranted rather a lot about people’s opinions and judgements of bariatric surgery and obese people.
I’d like to express my apologies for my rant but I’m not apologising for the content.
I do think there is a lot of heat and pain from past and some present attitudes to my weight issue which fuelled my rant.
I am not desperatly unhappy about my weight but I can see the benefits of being lighter.
I keep having to remind myself this is life long journey.
My family is ultimately the most important thing to me on this earth and I want to spent as much time with them as I can.
From a spiritual point as well, Gods word the Bible speaks of our bodies being a temple of the Holy Spirit. With this in mind is it not best to treat it with respect and give it the best treatment. Regular exercise and feed it good wholesome food. Recently I listened to some teaching by Bill Hybals on this. It was from the Stronger series, from Willow Creek Church. It was painful but character building to be challenged on what I consume as a consideration of my faith and relationship with God.
Jesus was sent to die for my sin no enable me to be have a full relationship with God. Jesus did this for you too.


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