A BIG wake up call

As to what I weigh I don’t know right now as I’ve been dealing ‘other’ stuff.
Over the last few weeks my lower right side of my back has become increasingly painful. I still have a small herniation on the right as the surgeon left there for a shock absorber.
So I’m not able to work tonight so I’ve taken the night off.
Man my back us so sore. I am starting to display signs of increased herniation on the right at l4 – l5. So back on the big boy pain relief.
I so do not want to have more spinal surgery.
This has helped me even though I feel rubbish look ahead. If only I can lose the weigh at least a huge pressure will be taken off my back and joints.
As I said before I’m not horrendously upset about my size but I do struggle with the effects of being this size!
So I’m sitting snacking on low fat yogurt and reading the latest ‘slimming world’ magazine.
I’ve got to reach my goal, for my sake and my lovely family.
Just to make things even more interesting I got stung by a wasp yesterday and now have cellulitis. On antibiotics. Not my day really.
God my Heavenly Father has a plan and a purpose. So I’m going to keep in trusting him and putting in the effort on my part.
At the end of the day others have it far worse. I just heard from a friend today who for years has battled with not being able to concieve a child and they are looking into adoption. Once again the referral of the child hasn’t worked out. It’s often hard to see God in this but I know he’s carrying those two through it. I know he is right there for them. They are also Christians so although its so so painful for them they appreciate that too.


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