Asking myself why again???

Since my last blog I’ve been trying to be focused but as yet not been to a weigh in for at least 3 weeks. Today is weigh in day unfortunately my husband had the car and I was unable to make it tonight.
I hope to get to a weigh in tomorrow, get focused and get on.
I weighed myself a few days ago and I weighed in at 21st 9 3/4lb. Not too bad but in a rut.
Sat asking myself why again. Why am I not focused? Why am I not preventing the wrong food stuffs going in my mouth.
Tomorrow I am going to start a food diary, I’m going to eat probably, keeping to the slimming world plan and keeping to my syns.
I went to quite possibly the worst place yesterday for a fatty like me and the best place. A bit bitter sweet you could say.
I spent 4.5 hours in a chocolate factory where our children had a chocolate decorating and making course. So I ate the wrong stuff and now am testing my will power to the max as my children’s creations are now in my kitchen cupboard. Aaarrggghh for someone who struggles with will power it’s a nightmare.
So I’ll just have to see how I go.
My back remains sore and I’m occasionally taking pain relief. Doing my pilates DVD when I get chance. The stretches make such a difference.
So what I want is to stop asking why and keep on track.
I’m on nights tomorrow so hopefully that will mean continued positive food choices


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