Thank you

Today I got a nice surprise. A fellow blogger has decided to follow my posts. Yeah you know who you are. Thank you.
I didn’t start this blog to have a following nor to have an arena for my opinions but for a way for me to express and examine me and my relationship with food and life.
So even though I feel this is quite a private blog although its out there for all to view, I put little personal relatable information.
But it made my day having someone follow my blog. It was like someone values my opinion; someone is interested, someone thinks its valid and someone wants to encourage me.
So a big thank you to Jo.
So when I last blogged it was meant to be weigh in day but my husband was up a mountain and had the car. Typical. However the next day and I went and got weighed in the big smoke. It was a but hairy finding the centre for a country girl like me but I did it! Whoop.
I weighed in at 21st 9lb therefore losing the 5lb I gained over the weeks of me not attending slimming world. However this was a morning weigh in and I normally get weighed on a Thursday evening.
But hey ho to lose it to lose.
I once again need to get focused. I didn’t stay to group as I had to get back from our children.
I am so staying to group this Thursday. I need it, it’s accountability and community.


2 thoughts on “Thank you

  1. I’m going to feel so embarrassed if I am not the Jo you are talking about after this comment!! But I thought I would let you know I decided to follow you because you sound like a really lovely person, you have a great writing style and i enjoy reading your posts. šŸ™‚ You are inspiring and that provides to support to me on my journey as I also am using my blog as a way to examine my relationship with food (and hopefully improve upon it). So if you weren’t referring to me, as there are plenty Jo’s out there, please ignore this ha ha, and if you were you also brought sunshine to my day. šŸ™‚ Congrats on your 5 IB loss, I hope your back is a little better this week. Good luck with your journey, I’m with you all the way! x x

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