A work in progress

Weigh in this morning first thing as always; 21st 7lb. Rather surprised but ultimately it will be tomorrow night at group where I find out for sure.
Seeing the physio today so I may have more insight into my back. Cor it can be so painful and restrictive at the mo.
Anyway this morning I got to thinking whilst I was eating my breakie and looking at note I’ve got on my kitchen wall. “Treatment centre keep focused”. I should have an appointment with the bariatric team by 7th October. But nervous as I still have 7 – 10lbs to lose but that’s do-able.
We are all work in progress. A painter doesn’t sit down and paint a stunning work in a day let alone a hour. So why do we think our weight should be lost in an hour or a day??? If someone said that’s what they truly thought, you’d probably think “no honey, it’s a journey, a work in progress”.
So today before you beat yourself up about making a choice you’d rather of not, or behaving in a manner you’d rather of not. Stop, gather your thoughts and remember work in progress.
This applies to so many areas of my life especially my faith. I’m truly and wonderfully made and day by day God is chipping away my imperfections. More of him, less of me.
I wish I could co-ordinate my faith more with my struggles with food. I do pray that God will break in but I also have a responsibility to allow God in and allow him to work in me.


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