Morning world; let the day begin

So at Sliming World this week I weighed in at 21st 10.5lb. I was okay with that as it had been a morning weigh in last week and an evening weigh in this week.
I came home and this overwhelming desire/ all most need to binge eat occurred. I could sit and list the food stuff I ate but ‘that’s not healthy’ (in the words from the prawn in Happy Feet Two).
So the following I got up, I wrote my food diary and I thought about the fact I was going out to supper with pals. Two girls I met through my daughters school. I tried to search for their menu online – no hope not on there. So I went thinking; best choice, just make the best choice.
As I can never make my mind up and I didn’t have my glasses on – fool. I ended up ordering pea shoot salad. Not till it came had I realised it came with wee little quails eggs. Me and eggs don’t get on. I’ve never liked them. But I manned up and thought ‘you are paying for this – eat’. You know what it wasn’t too bad, not too bad at all.
Main: pan fried salmon, samphire, peas and courgette flowers.
It was a lovely evening but the food was a bit out there, a bit posh for me.
The company was fab. These two ladies utterly inspired me which the challenges of life. One whom I’m closest too, her husband died last November and she was having her first few days on her own whilst her young children stayed with her parents. The other, her children were away with her ex-husband and had been for over 2 weeks. She spoke of how she was trying to do something productive each day and make it count.
She inspired me. Make every day count!
She also shared how two of her relatives had undergone bariatric surgery and how it had saved their lives. She encouraged me to face my struggles, go for surgery and work on being the fittest, healthiest mummy/wife/family/friend I could.
Make each day count.
So here I am, metaphorically standing before a new day hollering Tink make this day, today, make this day count.
Eat wisely, exercise, have a healthy attitude to life, don’t bear grudges, bless people, take time with people and MAKE EACH DAY COUNT!!!!


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