Another day

So my last blog, I was chatting about making each day count. It’s so true you never know what’s around the corner.
So I’ve stumbled and fallen at quite a few hurdles since group on Thursday eating wise.
Whilst I been on nights I’ve just wanted to eat sweet foods. I had a disagreement with my husband before work one night having had no supper. Where did I end up? McDonalds having a Big Mac meal. Secret binge eating at its worst. I know it was secret binge eating as I ate it on my own in my car and disposed of the rubbish in a hurried manner in a bin at work before anyone could see.
You know as I’m sure I’ve mused over many times before we all have hurdles, sometimes we struggle sometimes we overcome.
I am aware I still have too much heat around my feelings towards food and how I utilise it in my life but it’s lessening.
Once again I remind myself this is a journey and not one without hold ups and unexpected surprises.
I’m calm my journey although long is calming down. I’m trying to change. I’m trying to prepare for bariatric surgery. But it’s a journey and I’ll probably on this journey and have a struggle with my food relationship for the rest of my days.
But it’s how you master it and deal with it I guess which I’m wanting to do it a positive and healthy manner.


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