Staying in control

So today I weighed in at 21st 8lb. Phew I’m getting there. I still need to remain focused. Eyes set on treatment centre’s next consultation for bariatric surgical review.
Discovered these incredibly lovely rice cake thins with milk chocolate on the top. So far tried Asda and Morrisons. Mmmhhh and at only 3 syns a pop, it’s not outrageous. Also the other low syn snack I’ve discovered is metcalfe’s skinny salt and sweet popcorn. 17g bag is 4 syns. It takes such a time to eat the it feels like you’ve had a huge treat. Again with only 4 syns again not outrageous.
Today a friend and I took our children to the grounds of an old house. Stunning gardens, walked for a good couple of hours – topping up the body magic. We all had a wonderful time. It was great. I was super impressed with myself because although I brought the children meal deals at the shop; I took a smoked mackerel couscous salad. Again delicious and all for 1.5 syns.
My fantastic slimming world consultant text today to encourage me and I’ve asked her to text me on Monday. This way I feel I’ve uped the accountability. Which right now is what I need.
Role on tomorrow, I wonder what’s in store???


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