Sunday funday

So this morning’s early weigh in was 21st 7 1/2lb. Completely encouraged as I can see movement now. Still another 7 1/2lb to shift until I get to wear my beautiful new grey boots.
Today we went to a friends church. Service was interesting, the vicar appeared to try to be thought provoking but I’m not sure how helpful it was to ask does praying make any difference. Any way hey ho.
We were late back home as we didn’t leave the church until 13:00. Got my husband to bob to local supermarket, where I got a pre-cooked hot joint of roasted gammon. Got some mashed potato, green beans and had some corn on the cob at home.
But I feel I sabotaged lunch as I ‘just couldn’t wait’. I ate a chocolate covered rice cake and a pack of popcorn. Okay only amounting to 7 syns but felt discouraged at the lack of self control I showed. But it’s done and there will be another time to demonstrate I do actually have some form of self control.
Imagine the joy I will have when I attend my next bariatric appointment being the weight they want me to be. Imagine!
I just keep thinking how terribly proud of myself I will be when I wear my grey boots for the first time knowing that I’m down to 21st. A whole stone and five pounds from where I started 😉


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