Struggling a bit today

So I weighed in this morning at 21st 9 1/2lb.
Man I’m struggling today. I thinking as an emotional binge eater and I so need to get past that.
It’s is not an effective way to deal with emotional stress. It’s a foolish way but it’s the way I have unfortunately adopted through life. But I am making headway, I am moving through.
The last few days have been stressful. Tiredness is a real issue at the moment. I finished nights on Monday morning but I was unable to go to bed as my husband needed to work so I needed to look after the children. Then Tuesday on a course. Today childcare. Tomorrow I start doing some bank work followed by three nights starting on Friday. So 42.5hrs in a week and I’m getting a little nervous. I’m worried about my eating so what do I do?? Stuff my face with rubbish. Come on, big no no. Sort it out. Say no. Don’t buy it. Don’t secretly eat it.
Instead what I’m trying to do is planning. I once heard someone say “if you fail to plan, you plan to fail”. I really need to think of strategies of conquering my weaknesses.
Any suggestions???


One thought on “Struggling a bit today

  1. I can completely empathise with the emotional eating – whats worse is its often so easy to notice that I am doing it but stopping myself from doing it is a whole other issue. I am working on it as, like you, i have naturally turned to food in life when I am feeling stressed, overwhelmed or depressed. Its been so much of a comfort to me when i have had some difficult times in my life. Rationally i know it wont help, but in the moment it feels necessary and i am almost desperate to have a feeling of comfort and feel whats the point without it. I also find tiredness / busyness is a trigger for me as it is then im most likely to pick up a chocolate bar for a sugar rush or a pizza / takeaway for a quick dinner.

    I think the only thing hat has been the key to helping me so far, and when i have done slimming world in the past, is exactly what you said….Planning. Making sure im not stuck without something healthy to eat. Having a rough plan for the week ahead of what im going to eat each day. Batch cooking ahead of time and freezing meals. Also having three large meals a day prepared rather than lots of snacking so that i feel ‘full up most of the day’ and then im not likely to binge. I find that the weeks i have planned, and strangely eaten more than usual (but on plan), i lose more weight. The trouble is its often very hard to find the time to plan ahead and life gets in the way.

    I can see you are having a ridiculously busy week, ill be thinking of you, as i know how hard it is to stay on plan when im tired and very busy. Sending positivity your way.

    I have just done a post on quick meals that may be helpful here as they are meals that have helped me when i was on the sw diet in the past and now that im doing it again: PS are you in the Uk? if not these brands might not exist elsewhere so apologies if so!

    lots of love
    Jo x

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