The days ahead …….

This morning’s weigh in was 21st 8 1/2lb. Last nights weigh in was 21st 9lb, which meant a loss of 5lb.
So my slimming world consultant was super happy, I was super happy and the girls who got my 500 points for group comp were super happy.
Why then is it hard to hold on to that? I mean it was only yesterday for goodness sake! I appear to get very short sighted at times.
I am mentally blocked around 21st 8lb. I can’t seem to get past it at the moment.
Starting three nights tonight and I am a tad nervous on how I’m going to do. I really can’t stand the fact that I can go to the canteen and get what I want/think I want. I also struggle as work have a charity box. You know buy 100g of sweets for £1 and the money goes towards the nominated charity. So tonight I plan to cover them with a towel. I so do not want any.
I’m such a doughnut sometimes. It would appear that when someone tells me of suggests to me to do something especially regarding food. I do the opposite. What a plonker!
So for example, my husband went out earlier and said try and get to sleep. You will need it. I know he’s right but what am I doing? Blogging, hanging the washing out, washing up. What a plonker!
I’ve planned as much as I can for these next three nights. Got a slimming world friendly Thai curry in the slower cooker for tonight or tomorrow. And I will have something out of the freezer from tomorrow such as cottage pie.
It doesn’t have to be that hard. I just need to plan and prepare.
Also I need to avoid the sweets and the canteen. He he!!!!


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