What a week!

Well that’s my 42.5hr week been and gone as of 07:30 hrs this morning. Woo hoo. Glad to see the back of that one.
So this morning on my last night, I went in the canteen and got two packs of XL crisps and a rocky road tray bake. It was a complete moment of weakness which involved stuffing my face.
It’s been and gone now. Line drawn under and moved on.
I do find although I’m not impressed by my actions that mostly the heat, the shame has gone. Which can only be a good thing right???!!!
So I had a late sleep today. 1pm to 5pm. Just weighed myself as post nights it’s like it’s a morning – 21st 6 1/4lb. I’m going to have to rain it in. I would love to see the scales say 21st 7 1/2lb next Thursday or below. That would then be the lowest I’ve been since starting slimming world. It will mark a mental block I have round 21st 8lb too.
I’m loving my slimming world group. I feel valued, accepted and loved, plus bonus point a lot of people that I work go so I get to see them which is so encouraging when you see each other at work. It’s like an extra unspoken accountability.
Super happy tonight as the three girls I met with to pray and do a bible study are meeting tonight. First one since before the summer holidays. Really excited, can’t wait to share with them.
I’ve also pleased because I have sent my CV to a number of businesses to enquire after ariel which is minimal moving and handling which would amazing for my back. It’s also a role which would be no nights and minimal weekends. Really praying into it that God will open some doors.
I completely believe that we have to push and knock at doors. Yes some people are fortunate to get offered opportunities but this does not mean we sit on our laurels and wait for God to provide. Don’t get me wrong God’s provision is immense and such a daily blessing in my life. I just feel I need to push this option now, get out there, get known.
Although a funny thing happened, when I emailed my CV and additional information to a couple of businesses I forgot to attach the documents. What a doughnut and great first impression???!!!
Well maybe they will see how dotty I am at times 😄


One thought on “What a week!

  1. Wow, sounds like a busy week! So lovely to hear you have a supportive slimming world group that you feel comfortable and at home at – it makes all the difference 🙂 Good luck for weigh in tomorrow – you’re doing amazing keep it up, i know that your determination and perseverance will get you past that 21st 8lb soon! 🙂 I’m rooting for you x x

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