Weighing in at 21st 5lb this morning. 😃Official weigh in at slimming world on Thursday was 21st 7 1/2lb. Making a loss of 1 1/2lb with a total loss of 11.5lb. So I’m pleased, progression is underway.

Workwise: I attended an informal interview/chat yesterday. It was very positive and I meet 7 partners of the business. Yes 7!! Bit nerve racking to say the least. Everyone seemed really nice and very forward thinking. So they are getting references and then want to undertake a formal interview.

Foodwise: yesterday I had 31.5 syns just because I didn’t plan my lunch. I ended up having chocolate spread on toast and other little bits. But post lunch back on track.  Today I will be working from 3pm but I’ve got it covered in my head what I’ll be eating.

So onwards and upwards. Pressing on to the goal to a healthier slimmer me


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