Oh lady calm down

So lets get the record straight, I am normally a very calm collected person. Like most people the only people I actually lose it at is my husband and my Mum.

To set the scene, I’ve arrived in from work. It’s 10pm, it’s my third late in a row followed by another late. I’m not greatly pleased by this prospect.

So I walk in the kitchen and it’s full of dirty plates and dishes. I walk in to the hall way, the children’s bags are not done for school tomorrow. I shattered, unbelievably shattered.

So what happend I completely lose it at my husband, I know he’s had the children since 1pm but come on I manage it. So I’m saying/shouting all sorts of wonderfully unpleasant things. I just can’t believe he’s not mashed to wash up. It’s a trigger point, I should of recognised. But no. I jump in, two feet in my mouth.

So how am I feeling post argumentm I wanted a sugar rush!! I wanted chocolate and loads of it. This is how a true emotional binge eater reacts.

But I didn’t. I feel proud. I’m irritated I got rather cross but pleased I managed it and defeated my urge to eat  tonnes of  junk food





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