No go

So yesterday is my official weigh in day with slimming world, however it was a no go for me. Not because I was concerned about putting on or worried I’d ate the wrong stuff this week. It was simply because I’m utterly shattered. It was the first night I’d had in since last Wednesday.

So today the family and I are off to see my family for birthday parties and celebrations. Really really looking forward it. However I’m am strongly aware that I must not indulge with food and drink.

So what are my strategies?? Firstly as we travel I’ve got lots of fruit to have and got crisps I don’t like. Secondly my mum is on slimming world and she’s making us syn free red onion sausages for tea. Thirdly I’m just going to be mindful of what I pop in my mouth.

Its case of being aware.

Oh my weigh in this morning was 21st 6 1/2lb. I’m okay with that. I know a few days ago I was hovering nearer to 21st 4lb but it’s not huge. It’s changeable.



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