Becoming stronger

I’ve been away for three nights with the family to visit my family. A lovely time. Weighed in this morning 21st 6 3/4lb. Okay with that!

Im noticing how I’m getting stronger especially where narrow minded judgemental people are concerned. They are the insensitive types who stare at you because you are fat, or thin, or have pink hair or have a large nose. Or anything different. But what these people don’t grasp is we are all different, we all have hang ups. It’s just some are more noticeable than others.

So this weekend I’ve had at least three people stare at my stomach area. I think they are called muffin tops. Mine is like a gigantic muffin top and is fairly prominent. But whilst I’ve felt judged by these people, I’ve also felt so much stronger.

Yes I’m a big girl with all sorted curves and bumps but I’m learning to love myself and appreciate myself. These people who judge me for my size are narrow minded, poorly focused and unable to behold beauty in varied packages.

It’s their lose, my gain of appreciation of myself.

Im looking forward to be lighter, thinner and fitter one day but I will never ever forget where I’ve come from or the remarkable journey I’ve had and continue to have. I will stand with those who struggle, I will encourage them and happily be a back stop. I will be a positive advert for bariatric surgery and being lighter. But I will never ever forget how it feels to be judged, stared at, how a car selt belt wouldn’t fit, how I struggled to get through train barriers, how I’ve broken chairs through my weight or how people have actually laughed at me because of my weight.

I will continue to work through my issues but I will never ever forget who I truly am and how much I can not stand those who judge.

I challenge you not to judge but to be compassionate and caring. To step from your shoes into the person next to you. You may find they might appreciate a little company and understanding on their journey through life







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