Radio silent for FAR too long

Ive been radio silent for far too long so apologies. It’s been a foolish thing to do as I feel I have some accountability when posting blogs, sharing my weight, sharing the highs and lows.
One of the reasons is that is that I’d not got given an appointment with the bariactric surgeon. I felt as if they were moving the goal posts as there was no firm date/goal to work towards.
So like a foolish person I proceeded to think stuff that I’ll eat!!! What a doughnut.
So I’m back and you’ll know why. Date for my next appointment has come through. Monday 24th November.
So I now have a focus, but do I know how much I weigh? Roughly I do, I did attend slimming world last week. I’ll be honest I’ve not been adhering to the plan.
You may recall my husband has been fasting on alternate days. He’s dropped 9lbs in three weeks. There’s no way on this planet I could survive on a cuppa soup, water and a few hot drinks each day.
I know slimming world works but I’m going to have to be strict.
So I’ve just got on the scales, bearing in mind it’s the end of the day and I always weigh myself in the morning. Greeted with the news: 22st!!!! Oh flipping brilliant.
But it’s a start, a point, a beginning and in the words of Julie Andrews ‘start at the beginning it’s a very good place to start’.
So here we start. 30 days, 14 lbs.


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