Get in the zone

Today’s weigh in was 21st 10lb but I still need to get in the zone.
I’m on nights tonight and tomorrow which I am dreading for the food choices which could surround me.
The charity sweets, the canteen, the ease if it all.
But I do have the privilege of working with a brilliant lady who’s a Christian also. So my plan is confide in my colleague what I need to achieve over the next two nights. She is fasting and doing the 2:5 diet at the moment. Monday and Tuesday are her fast days.
Plan B take lots of free food and super free food. Keep topped up on them.
Plan C when I’m hungry I drink.
So I’m hoping I will be more focused.
It’s been okay today, not great but okay.
I took our children to the library this morning, allowed them to get a DVD. As we left the library, I thought we could grab a drink. So big treat, took them for a scone and a juice. They make me so proud, they were so good and behaved. Proud mummy x


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