21 days to go

So it’s now 21 days until my next appointment with my bariatric team. I’m quite nervous truth be told. I weighed in this morning at 21st 8lb. Progress is being made. Slowly but surely.
You know when you have one of days that you just know you are going to struggle with your decision making and actions.
Today we had breakfast church. Yes as it sounds, we all enjoy breakfast together then spend time together with God and each other. In my head before I went, I knew I had allowed myself a croissant, a little jam followed by fruit and lashings of fat free yogurt. I did exactly that.
Then we dropped past Sainsburys and I got some bread to have with the free soup I’d make. Oh it was about 1/3 of a small loaf that passed my lips and into my stomach.
I’ve had a cup cake and chocolate.
But I’ve drawn a line. I’ve got 21 days.
I know I’m going to give it my very very best.


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