Get a grip!

So it’s 04:35hrs and what am I doing??? Worrying I won’t make the target of 21st by the bariatric team. I’ve got up and weighed myself. Yes in the middle of night!!
So the result is I’m 21st 10lb.
I’m disappointed. I’ve been really good, not 100% but really good. I’ve followed the slimming world magazine 7 day plan, I’ve made good choices.
I know I shouldn’t weigh myself ideally between weigh ins. Aaarrggghh what am I going to do.
I’ve got 19 days to lose 10lb. Just looking back at my blog when I last attended the bariatric surgeon I was 21st 6 3/4 lb when I went.
I don’t know if to cancel and move it or will that take away the urgency??
Oh and the job stress doesn’t help either. I’ve been applying for new jobs. Where I worked for the past 3 years, I’ve really struggled and I’ve had some difficult situations which has often resulted in me feeling isolated. So I’ve been looking at other options. So my current situation is I find out today if I’ve been successful in yesterday’s interview. However I’m in chats with another company about a possible job role.
It feels all too much. Trust me I try to hold it lightly and give it to God. But so often I fail.
Is that what I’m afraid of with wanting to cancel? Is it the fear of failing?
So I’m not decided but I have to have a good think and reflect


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