Fear of failing

At this moment in time I have an absolute fear of failing my weight loss target for my bariatric centre. I weighed in last night at slimming world at 21st 9 1/2lb. Yes I’m pleased its a weight loss of 1 1/2lb but I was a bit disappointed too. I was really good, not 100% but mostly really good. But the week before I wasn’t so good so maybe it was that biting me on the bum.
I can’t explain the fear that surrounds me getting on those scales at the bariatric centre and I’ve not meet the target.
I need some guidance. Some people suggest super speed soup. I could make some. Some suggest fish, pulses, peppers.
I also just need to focus. Focus on the little steps.
I need to realise that God is my rock, salvation and fortress. I put my trust and faith in him.


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