Back in the game

I’ve not gone off track since my wobble so I’m pleased. It was a mental wobble without the normal binge eating that follows so although that might seem insignificant to some it’s very significant to me.
Feeling self worth and proud of oneself is the best feeling. It’s a feeling that can not be reproduced by much else and certainly not by secret binge eating. I feel I’ve taken a step along my journey.
So this mornings weigh in was 21st 7 1/2lb. Heavier than Friday morning but that happens doesn’t it. The weigh in I really take notice of is Thursday evening at the slimming world class I attend.
To date it is 15 days to my bariatric appointment. That’s 15 days to lose 7-9 lbs dependant on the time of the weigh in. My appointment is at 15:00 so I’ve planned to have a small breakfast and water through out the day unless I’m home and dry in regards to the weight loss.
I’m looking at having a mini gastric bypass. It can be reversed if things don’t work out or I’m not able to absorb the nutrients ect. I feel it is the right decision. At 22st 5lb I was at the heaviest I’d ever been. It actually frightened me that I would die early.
I want to reduce the risk of doing that and increase the chance to live enjoying my family.
I want to play energetically with my family.
I want to not constantly think I’m going to knock stuff off shelves with my backside if I bend over in a shop.
It’s not much to ask but it will take determination, commitment and the assistance of bariatric surgery.


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