Winter celebrations

In the town near where I live, they had the winter celebrations today. Ending off with a winter drove of lanterns and lights parading through the town. Activities, art, food stalls and a giant heltiscator through the day.
A friend and I took out children. They loved it. It had a lovely safe feeling to it. We saw lots of people we knew and hadn’t seen for ages. The children got lots of treats including having their face painted. We waited in the que for over an hour.
Saw quite a few girls from slimming world. All who instantly looked guilty from what they were eating, or ordering or holding in their hands.
I had a delicious chicken tikka wrap in a light tortilla wrap with garlic sauce. It was lovely and made a real difference from a burger or chips which were readily available.
So I weighed in today at 21st 6 3/4lb. I’ve got 8 days to go until my bariactric review. I’ve been so relaxed, too relaxed. I’ve not been counting or being careful. So drawing a line, I must get my mojo back.
It will be futile to go and be over what I last was. So head do, in gear lets go.
I’ve only got 3 wks until I leave and start my new job. Only 9 shifts to be precise. I can not wait.
I’ve got to buy a car between now and then.
Life is going to get busy but a good busy.


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