3 days to go

It’s 3 days to go until my bariatric surgical consultation. Yesterday morning I weighed in at 21st 4lb. Then at slimming world last night I weighed in at 21st 6lb – a weekly loss of 1.5lb. Was pleased. This morning I weighing in at 21st 5.5lb.
Last night after slimming world I headed to morrisons to pick up the 10 muller yogurts for £3. At the same time I was silly again! I picked up a large bag of crisps and a 200g bar of caramel chocolate. What a wally!!!
So driving home, I furiously stuffed the crisps and the chocolate in my mouth. Consuming it very quickly. BINGE EATTING! Here we go again.
So yes I’m very irritated with myself for demonstrating such little will power. But that’s where it ends.
For the next three days I’m commited to soup and fat free yogurt. I will not be eating main meals I don’t think. I think I’ll be having soups and fat free yogurts. I will allow myself 2x wheatabix and 1% milk for breakfast but other than that it’s soup and yogurt.
It’s my last ditch attempt at reaching the target.
At least I can hand on heart sit in my consultation and say I’ve tried.
I still don’t really want to reach target as I’m nervous about starting a new job and then not being able to have the time off.
But you know what God is in control and I surrender myself to that. I can’t go through life holding on to things tightly. It’s much more beneficial to give them to God. He’s my loving father who wants the best for me.
Here goes then x


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