Decision day

It’s decision day today. I’m off to my bariatric consultant appointment. They wanted me to be a close to 21st however I’ve just weighed myself and I’m 21st 4.5lb.
So we will just have to see the result of their scales and the outcome. To be honest I’m just happy I’m getting closer to target. Boy it’s taking some doing but I am well on the way.
I have some beautiful and generous friends about. One of my friends is picking up my children from school and has also cooked tea for my entire family. Another beautiful pal is accompanying me to my appointment. You see the hospital / clinic is in a city I find terribly difficult to navigate so she is coming with me and also to offer support for the outcome of the clinic.
So what will be will be. I just hope if I don’t make the target which to be fair is unlikely; that I will stay in the system.
We will see


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