What do you mean no provision?

So my bariatric asked me to find out if there was much provision in my county for psychosomatic help or CBT for weight management, binge eating or food disorders. I dutifully went back to our family GP to be meet with ‘oh that sounds specialist’ ‘I’m not sure I’ve ever referred anyone for that before’ ‘ you may have to return to the bariatric treatment centre’ (which is a 4 – 5 hour round trip).
I can not believe that it’s not a topic people cover!!!!
Working in the healthcare system myself I set too! I emailed different teams to enquire if there was provision for that level of intervention.
I was so encouraged when I heard back from the CBT team who said if the patient had a mild eating disorder, was low risk and highly motivated that they would work with them. Which I fit that category.
I’ve not heard back from my family GP as I know that they were investigating what the dietetics department had to offer.
The good thing about the CBT team is you can self refer so I can get in touch myself.
It amazed me when my GP said it was specialist. Think of all the people who are obese and struggle with their relationship with food. Do they not think that the mental health side of things is beneficial to address.
You see it regularly in the news about how much obese people are costing our nation surely if we started addressing the root causes the nation would see a reduction. I would imagine its cheaper to offer 10 weeks CBT that offer bariatric surgery, pre and post care, the nuritants which one has to be on for the rest of their lives.
It’s funding. It’s what the local commissioning group focus on. Obviously not obesity in my area!
What a shan!!!!!!


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