Hello old friend

Well hello there old. I’m sorry I’ve not written you in a while. I’ve been doing life but not reporting.
Food and weight wise, I’ve slackened off. I’ve not been hopping on the scales every day and I’ve been enjoying the festive food around me.
Life has got busy for me and my family. My beautiful girl was 6 on the weekend. She has the most brilliant birthday. I was pleased for her and she has a little tea party with her friends today. Sweet but noisy I’m sure.
I’ve changed my job and feel its definitely the change for the better. No more nights, lates, weekends or bank holidays. It’s brilliant! Amazing to be able to plan a weekend with the family and know its going to happen.
So life plods on, my issues with food don’t go anywhere but I’m not held back by them. I must ring the local CBT team to get booked in for an assessment. I want to get going on this and sort/understand my issues with food. The comfort, the dependence I gain from it.


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