Beep beep bop

Man have I been slack with my blogging! It’s been a fair few weeks.
So I returned to slimming world last Thursday, I’d put on 5 1/2lb since the end of November. Not to bad considering I’ve really not stuck to plan.
Over the past three days when I should if really engaged myself with slimming world, I’ve been doing the olde chestnut of mucking about. Eating lots of unsuitable food.
But tomorrow, ah tomorrow. I’ve got a portion of soaked oats with cherries in the fridge, I’ve got a portion of soup defrosting and I’ve got a portion of cous cous cooking to make smoked mackerel salad. Happy days.
As I’ve mentioned before I’ve got a new job. It’s great but boy it’s tiring not doing shift work. With shift work you generally had time to recover from the previous shift and from life but with set days and times I’m finding that increasingly hard.
I’m tired a lot of the time which is hard work for all.
So I’ve had it with cars. On my very first day at my new job, I lost control on the ice and I smacked my car into a dry stone wall. Great! My lovely hubby fixed it with parts from a scrap yard but today! Today a warming light came on, the car was not respondent at all. Lost power. So my hubby is out checking it over now.
So I’ve heard back from our mental health service, they are bit prepared to see me. They don’t see people pre surgery. So I may meet this psychotherapist now from bariatric centre. The one the consultant said urm not everyone likes him.
Hey ho life swings in roundabouts.


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