A new season

Well a lot has happened since I’ve last posted. I guess one of the reasons I picked up the baton again is my journey has started to go forward towards surgery again, I’ve started to struggled with food again and also I recieved notification of a fellow blogger picking up their baton after a bit of silence.

So I’ve been accepted for surgery – a gastric bypass. I attended the clinic on Fri 20th March and I was 1.2kg under the target. Game on. It was incredibly difficult to get to that point. I sort of followed slimming world however I greatly increased the vegetable content of my diet. I was snacking on raw carrots. Drinking lots of water.

The consultation was good. I met a bariactric nurse who was incredibly empathetic towards me and my situation. I’m due to go for pyschotherapy for weight management on 23/4. I was able to examine the surgery a bit further expressing fears and concerns. All of which this lovely nurse was able to address for me.

So how have I been since. It’s been 2 1/2 weeks since. I have taken my eye off the goal. I’ve out on approx 7lb or so. Not so good really. So it’s my intention to clamber back on the pony and head towards the goal once again.

If I go to pyschotherapy and they then discharge me back to the surgical team it could be a matter if weeks that have till I see the surgical team.

It’s pointless to behave as I had before – getting the appt through the post then panicking furiously ensuring I eat correctly before the consultation. Seems crazy doesn’t it but for some reason I find myself doing it.

So my current challenge is to return to slimming world and to gain control of my habits in regards to eating.


2 thoughts on “A new season

  1. So great to see you back!! I’m so pleased that you had a supportive and empathetic bariactric nurse. My mother-in-law has just started her journey to have a gastric band . She been accepted so far due to her diabetes and other health problems, but like you will have to have pyschotherapy and diet etc beforehand to be approved for surgery. I really hope it will be helpful for her as she takes a heavy amount of medication a day and it would be nice if the weight loss could reverse these health problems. I really hope your journey goes well for you too 🙂 I’m joining you on the ‘re-starting slimming world’ challenge to re-gain control. looking forward to reading more of your blog posts again to see how you’re doing. Take care, Jo xx

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