What’s the issue dear? The troll says to Anna in Frozen as they try to marry her and Christoff.
‘Is it the clumpy way he walks?’
‘Or the grumpy way he talks?’
‘Is it that he likes to tinkle in the woods?’

You know – whats the issue dear? What is at the root of my relationship with food. I don’t know as pathetic as that may sound. I don’t know. I wish I did know. I wish I had a handle on it.

I feel like I’ve come to a halt with exploring of my eating behaviours. I feel stuck, unable to move on forwards or even sideways. Any way but on away from eating issues/ behaviours.

It feels like it should be so incredibly easy. I’m a Christian should I not be wholly reliant on God?? I should be but my own behaviours and fears mar than relationship. So amazingly sad. I want to be close to God and to Jesus. I am holding on the reins (WHY!!!!!!) of this one.

I’ve been trying to follow the binge eating self help programme but I constantly feel like I fail and mess up. I think I have a too higher expectation on myself. I do in my work and it bleeds into my home life.

Any ideas folks?


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