Mindfulness whilst eating

I’ve just read a great blog and been presented with the idea of being mindful whilst eating. A totally new concept to me and maybe an element which I need to include in my search for recovery from binge eating and food reliance.

So instead of feeling sorry for myself that I’ve fallen off the wagon, had a few days where I’ve not complied to be stage one process set out the Dr Fairburn; I’ve decided to hop back on to my journey of recovery from the hold food has over me.

So tomorrow when I get up at 06:20 or before for work, I will weigh myself to commence stage one. I will sit and gather my thoughts over a fresh decaf coffee (morning treat/pick me up). I will mindfully eat my breakfast, thinking about how the texture of food feels, what each mouth tastes of, how full I feel.

I must admit I used to be a coffee queen, however a few months ago I took the step to going over to decaf as I’d read in some literature that caffeine products are to be avoided in first few months post surgery. I made a little change and I’ve not noticed.

This is what I have to do with my eating – make baby steps. Small so I don’t feel overwhelmed and threatened that my coping mechanism is going to be whipped away. Of course I desire and aim for the way I utilise food as a coping mechanism to be irradiated completely but this is a journey.

Journeys can vary. Journeys can be long and can be short. Seasons whilst your on journeys changes. I want to move from a food dependant, binge eating behaviours season to a healthy relationship with food where I don’t use it as a coping mechanism.

Where’s the map???? Lets get started


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