Back with a bang!

So I’m back with a bang! I can’t quite believe it’s been a year since I blogged. So so much has happened. I’ve got three quarters of tier four psychotherapy connected with my bariatric centre. Unfortunately I was informed by the psychotherapist and dietician that the funding had been cut, however I was returned into the care of my original psychotherapist and attended for an appointment yesterday. He was really dismayed to find that the treatment had not been fully completed. My appointment with him only lasted 13 minutes for which I undertook a 5 hour round trip. The joys of not living near a bariatric surgery providing hospital!! 

So I have gained about 12 kilos since November 2015 when I was accepted for surgery. So my psychotherapist wants me to lose this and he is also going to speak to the tier four therapists which I felt I had completely dropped in the mud as he then announced he was their boss!! Whoops! Big whoops! I then said there wasn’t much point in carrying out. He’s going to speak to the tier four girls and sending me a new appointment. He thinks I shouldn’t lose more than 0.5 kg a week. 

I feel like I have really made so much progress. In a way I’m still very undecided on surgery but I’m so much more positive place. I have a majorly diminished reliance of food. I’ve learnt the practice of regulating and moderating food. I can’t say I always do it and it may be that I do binge. I probably binge once a week or once each two weeks. Christopher Fairburns book is AN ABSOLUTE MUST FOR BINGE EATERS which ever condition you struggle with: anorexia, binge eating NOS or bulimia. Don’t be shy or worried – pick up a copy. Work through it, you will need a loved one or friend to be committed to seeing you through. Show it to your therapist – encourage them to use it. 

Enhanced CBT by Dr Christopher Fairburn is a must. This book will help you discover why you have the complexities with food you do. I was amazed to learn in binge eating NOS, it mostly the lack of regulation which causes binges. It’s true, if I skip a meal I am likely to eat crap. To fill up on rubbish. 

I no longer suffer guilt or beat myself up to the extend I did. Yes of course I feel disappointed but I don’t angonise over poor choices with food. I’ve learnt to love myself. Make time for myself. 

Surely everyone is going to benefit from learning that trick. I sure did


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