We are amazing!

So since yesterday and head down, I’ve struggled. Yes life is a struggle with food control for me but it’s okay I just need to learn to manage it better. So what I tend to find is that I’ll set my mind to something then I’ll stop at a petrol station. ‘Oh a boost bar and a pack of crisps is what you fancy!’ Or I’ll be at a afternoon teaching session and at coffee I look round for the fruit bowl to be confronted with scones, jam and whipped cream. On a diabetic study afternoon too. Lol. Was control had a small scone and butter. Well done ☺️

But I’ve not blogged about this before and feel slightly nervous about doing so. Last year I worked in a job for 51 weeks. I initially liked it, no longer worked unsocial hours for the very first time in 15 years. However I’m saddened to say I was bullied. I would later on discover some of the staff’s nickname for me was BLOBBY. Oh so imaginative to describe a 21st girl. So over the last 7 months I’ve needed therapy to sort this. It was encorparated into my tier four bariatric therapy. It’s crazy the damage people can do by using their tongue and words in an incredibly horrid way!

But im free of it now. I have learnt to love myself – sure I doubt it and struggle with it sometimes. But mostly I’ve learnt to accept me. As Phillippa Hanna sings ‘I am amazing’. That’s such an encouragement!

I just want you all who are struggling, finding difficult to accept you for who you are, and how you are. YOU ARE AMAZING!!!!!!!


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