Decision time!

Today my next appointment with my pychsotherapist came in the post. 6 weeks today! 12.7 kg to lose, that’s 1.1399 st/lb to lose. I know I won’t achieve that. That is an incredible amount to lose.

I called the bariatric nurse today and left a message but she’s not got back. I expect she was in clinic or on annual leave. But I’m pleased I took a risk and called her. I really want to discuss the bariatric surgery options and also how I feel trapped by the psychotherapist.

Back in November 2014 I was offered surgery. I was 2lb off my goal target but I panicked and I asked about the psychological side of it. I panicked because I was due to start a new job two weeks later and I knew I would not get the sick leave which I was used to in the NHS (my previous employer). So that’s how I started my psychotherapy.

Now I’m the situation where my head is some much more sorted that it was in regards to food and my self value. I actually value myself although obviously there are times when I don’t like myself much but I don’t hate. I don’t despise and I don’t pick my faults and have huge guilt and shame as I so often did. It’s good to be rid of the negative impacts in my life.

Any way, anyway … The decision …….. How am I going to lose this weight?? Right well, I’m thinking slimming world. That often kick starts things. I could have 10lbs off by 6 weeks. I want to go to and stay to a class. Living in a remote/rural area of the UK that can be a challenge but I’m on the look out.

Will start this week. Hopefully Monday or Tuesday.

So here we go!


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